Feeling sluggish? These easier-than-pie tricks will get your metabolism more revved up than you could imagine.

  1. EAT UP: You’ve always been told that weight loss is a simple equation- just calories in minus calories out, right? Eat less than what your body needs and your body will put your metabolism into slow motion.
  2. DON’T CUT CALS: Crash dieting makes your digestive system anxious. It thinks it’s starving and will slow your metabolism right down to conserve energy.
  3. SNIFF A LEMON: … or a grapefruit, if that’s more your flavor. Olfactory stimulation affects the nervous system, which turns up the volume on metabolism.
  4. MORE PROTEIN: Protein, such as meat, dairy, nuts and eggs, helps maintain lean muscle and rev your post meal calorie burn by as much as 35 per cent.
  5. HYDRATE YOURSELF BEFORE YOU WRECK YOURSELF: Drink loads of cold water, basically. Many studies have found that drinking water increases metabolic rate by almost a third.
  6. BREAK UP YOUR ROUTINE: Splitting your workout into two sessions might actually rev your metabolism. It burns more calories than doing in a single go.
  7. SIP OOLONG TEA: It aids digestion and improve the body’s ability to metabolise fat. People who regularly drink it are more likely to achieve any weight loss goals.
  8. CHOMP ON SOME CHOCOLATE: For real! As long as it’s the dark variety – it helps lower stress hormone levels and regulate metabolism.
  9. BREATHE MORE: Breathing exercises – like those you do during yoga- can help increase metabolic rate by increasing the amount of oxygen in your system.
  10. TAKE THE PRESSURE DOWN: Stress interferes with your inner metabolic workings. By reducing stress through meditation, yoga or whatever else floats your boat, your metabolism will keep purring along more efficiently.
  11. EAT SOME GARLIC: Adding garlic to food can help boost your immune system, lower blood pressure and support your body’s ability to metabolise sugars.
  12. HAVE A CUP OF COFFEE: Caffeine stimulates the nervous system… which as we now know does good things for our palmetabolism.
  13. TRAIN IN INETRVALS: When you hit the gym, alternate your regular speed with bursts of high-intensity exercise for 50 seconds at a time, which is said to raise your resting metabolism. Which means, of course, more calories burned in the same amount of time.

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